Opioid Crisis Final Project

Exploring the opioid crisis globally and regionally, analyzing the cultural practices that have put America in the midst of its worst drug epidemic ever. Comparing America’s opioid consumption practices with the top 20 most populated countries in the world and then with other OECD nations. Finally, narrowing my focus to the Appalachian Region and the factors that led to these counties having the highest overdose rates in the country.

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Accuracy of Hollywood Movies Visualization (9)

Movies based on real events often have a hard time accurately portraying the story, which is to be expected in the entertainment industry of Hollywood. After all, people are making a conscious choice when they go to the movies rather than reading a history book. But, it is interesting to see the different parts of the story that filmmakers got right and others that they got terribly wrong.

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Sugar Intake Visualization (7)

This visualization focuses on the added sugars that sneak their way into the American diet. Many people do not even realize how much sugar they eat every day because foods that appear to be healthy are often loaded with processed ingredients and of course, sugar. The visualization provides several common foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks, allowing the reader to create meals and then see how much added sugar they would consume that day.

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Trump Administration Scandals Visualization (6)

The Trump Administration has been under fire for various reasons, mainly due to the fact that so many of the people close to him, as well as organizations with the Trump name on it, are involved in scandals. The article uses symbols to differentiate between the type of controversy, including conflicts of interest, self-enrichment, misuse of public funds, failure to disclose public information, influence peddling, working for foreign governments, and violating ethics rules. The scandals are then coded for the status of the person or company by under investigation, facing lawsuits, convicted or pleaded guilty, and resigned.

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Wheelchair Accessibility Visualization (5)

Wheelchair accessibility is an important aspect of ensuring equal rights for all. Basic transportation needs should be met by the state and everyone has the right to travel in the same manner. This article focuses on the number of metro stations in big cities around the world that are not fully wheelchair accessible. Some stations “require ramps and staff assistance to board trains”, so these were not considered fully accessible, only those that people in wheelchairs can use independently (Van Mead 2017).

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Race Income Gap Visualization (3)

This article compares the lives of 10,000 boys who grew up in households of different socioeconomic statuses using census data. It explains the income gaps that exist in America between black and white men of the same backgrounds. The study found that white boys who come from rich families are likely to maintain this status through their life. But, black boys from rich families as well are more likely to be poor in their adulthood than stay wealthy like their white counterparts. The writers are able to convey the powerful findings of the study using very effective graphics and charts that enhance the statistics.


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Thai Cave Rescue Visualization (2)

The Thai Cave Rescue Mission captivated the whole world this summer when 12 boys and their coach found themselves trapped while exploring in a cave after practice. The initial relief came when the team was discovered by rescue divers, but this feeling did not last long. We soon became aware of the daunting challenges that the rescuers faced in successfully and safely getting the boys out of the cave, with monsoon season quickly approaching. Keep in mind that this was a challenging effort for experienced and professional SEAL divers, so you can only imagine how terrifying this was for the boys and their families.

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