Accuracy of Hollywood Movies Visualization (9)

Movies based on real events often have a hard time accurately portraying the story, which is to be expected in the entertainment industry of Hollywood. After all, people are making a conscious choice when they go to the movies rather than reading a history book. But, it is interesting to see the different parts of the story that filmmakers got right and others that they got terribly wrong.

This visualization takes 17 movies and grades them on the percentage of the accuracy of the true story.

There are three categories that the reader can choose for the level of accuracy on which the movies are based, being “Flexible- c’mon, it’s movies!”, “Can bear some dramatic license”, or “Only the absolute truth.” Every scene of the movie is then described and how it matches up against what really happened. The scenes are color-coded by veracity: True, True-ish, False-ish, False, or Unknown. You can then elect to just see the scenes that fit into each of these categories.

Flexible level of accuracy

Strictly the truth level of accuracy

This visualization is unique and actually provides a great deal of information. It is useful for the public in understanding the accuracy of its entertainment. Always do your research!

McCandless, David, et al. “Based on a *True* True Story.” Information is Beautiful, Oct. 2018

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