Midterm Election Visualization (8)

This visualization maps the 2018 Midterm Elections for the House, Senate, and Governor races. The data provided is extensive and impeccably organized by the three races which can be further broken down by state, races with women, open races, key races, committee chairs, and flipped seats.


The map is interactive in that when you hover over a state, the candidates are listed, as well as the votes they received, the percentage of votes and the number of total votes reported. For the house races, each district can be selected and the same information is provided.

Below the map, the data of the races are broken down by Solid Democratic, Lean/Likely Democratic, Toss Ups, and the same for Republicans.

This visualization is simple, yet effective and very user-friendly. It clearly portrays the results of the election and the competitive nature of the races.


McCartney, Allison, et al. “Senate Election Results.” Bloomberg, 15 Nov. 2016 https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-midterm-election-results/?view=S&filter=none.

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