Sugar Intake Visualization (7)

This visualization focuses on the added sugars that sneak their way into the American diet. Many people do not even realize how much sugar they eat every day because foods that appear to be healthy are often loaded with processed ingredients and of course, sugar. The visualization provides several common foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks, allowing the reader to create meals and then see how much added sugar they would consume that day.

The sugar intake is calculated after every meal and shows the ready how close they are to the daily recommended value.

After the day’s meals are chosen, a summary is provided with the food for each meal, their sugar content, and then the total amount for the day.

This interactive visualization is very straightforward and simple but provides great information and data. This topic is very important to address and discuss because the health of Americans is crippled by the alarming amount of unnatural sugar in commonplace foods. The foods included in the visualization seem to be carefully selected in that they are ones that many people mistakenly think are healthy, or are marketed as such, like granola bars, sauces, dressings, yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal. Beyond the fact that the interactive is effective, the message behind makes it that much more powerful.

Leonhardt, David. “How Much Sugar Can You Avoid Today?” The New York Times, 30 Dec. 2016,


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