Trump Administration Scandals Visualization (6)

The Trump Administration has been under fire for various reasons, mainly due to the fact that so many of the people close to him, as well as organizations with the Trump name on it, are involved in scandals. The article uses symbols to differentiate between the type of controversy, including conflicts of interest, self-enrichment, misuse of public funds, failure to disclose public information, influence peddling, working for foreign governments, and violating ethics rules. The scandals are then coded for the status of the person or company by under investigation, facing lawsuits, convicted or pleaded guilty, and resigned.

Each person or company’s picture is color-coded by Donald Trump & Family, Trump Appointees, and Associates and Outside Advisers.

This can be further broken down by connections: 

Or allegations:

Or status:

The article includes brief summaries of each scandal and very effectively explains the source of the controversies surrounding the administration.


This informative look into the Trump administration is made interesting through the use of symbols, colors, and organization.

Allison, Bill et al. “Trump Team’s Conflicts and Scandals: An Interactive Guide.” Bloomberg, 19 Sep. 2018,


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