Trade War Visualization (1)

This visualization explains the Trade War that President Trump started with China and how it affected 10,000 other products from various nations. This is a very relevant and interesting topic because it is unprecedented as these tariffs are being enacted on our allies’ products too.

At first glance, the visualization appears to be a powerful and creative way to display the information. However,  upon closer examination, I found that the use of dots was not effective in that it is difficult to distinguish between the products that are being analyzed. Essentially, each individual circle (bubble) represents the single product that had a tariff placed on it, while the different sizes of the circles correspond to the amount that was imported of that product. Small labels appear to show examples of what each product is in the group, but then they disappear, making it rather difficult to keep track of the specific details. Additionally, the colors correspond to each country, but it is hard to remember which color represents which country as there are no labels for this. The captions that go along with each new policy in tariffs on imports/ exports provide useful descriptions of what occurred, but as you scroll down the article, all of the bubbles join together and the small labels disappear, making them visually less distinct. However, the juxtaposition of the products coming into the United States (imports) and the U.S. products going abroad (exports) is helpful to show the retaliation policies that countries took against America.

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