Drug Overdose Visualization (4)

Link to visualization:  https://overdosemappingtool.norc.org/#

The drug crisis continues to impact the country at levels that are unprecedented. The entire country is being affected, as people of all ages, races, genders, and socioeconomic statuses are overdosing– drugs do not discriminate.

This interactive visual focuses on the Appalachian Region, stretching from southern New York to northern Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The introduction explains how hard the Appalachian Region has been hit by the drug epidemic, specifically the opioid crisis whereby residents of these areas are “55% more likely to die from a drug overdose than residents of the rest of the U.S.” It includes breakdowns by race/ethnicity, age, educational attainment, disability status, median household income, poverty rate, unemployment rate, and accident-prone employment. This allows the viewer to get very specific while analyzing the data. When zooming in and clicking on a certain county, the overdose mortality rate is given, along with the option to view more details about that area.

Here is Wyoming County, WV, an area with a very high overdose rate, due to the fact that West Virginia has the worst opioid problem in the country. The details that are provided are effective in that we can compare this county’s data breakdowns to that of the Appalachian Region, as well as to the country as a whole. The page can also be organized by state, thus making it easier to select a county to focus on. Overall, this visualization is very informative, precise, and user-friendly. The visual does not take away from the data being portrayed.


“Drug Overdose Deaths in Appalachia” [Interactive map]. Accessed Oct. 10, 2018. https://overdosemappingtool.norc.org/#.

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